War Poetry – Notes From Class

Armitage makes subtle use of sound in his poem. While the poem has a definite rhyme scheme, it is his use of alliteration which sticks in the mind. He talks of the returning soldier coming home to not “klaxons and Union Jacks” but “sticking plasters to cover the cracks”. The repetition of the hard “K” sound could reflect either the sound of gunfire, echoing in … Continue reading War Poetry – Notes From Class

Albion – Questions

1. What do the “pine cones” and “sticks” symbolise? 2. What do the references to Churchill, Vera Lynn, flags and bunting reveal about the soldier’s attitude to war when he was young? 3. What do “sticking plasters” symbolise? 4. What kinds of “cracks” is the soldier referring to? 5. “Without blood or scars or a missing leg you’re swinging the lead” – what does the … Continue reading Albion – Questions