V For Vendetta – Techniques/ Quotes/ Etc.

Cross-cuttingStart – preparation for the meeting – shows their meeting is inevitable – links the two characters Four social groups – shows all of society is watching/ not watching the govt. SymbolismThe V – recurrent – symbolises the character, also the idea of revolution/ freedom – originates at Larkhill – connects V and I-V – Dominoes – The population – they fall and this is … Continue reading V For Vendetta – Techniques/ Quotes/ Etc.

V For Vendetta – Intro/ Summary

V For Vendetta was directed by James McTeigue in 2004. It is a film that presents a dystopian future where England has fallen to a fascist regime. Against this government a single man tries to restore freedom. The film addresses many issues but the focus of this essay will be…. and how McTeigue effectively uses to cinematic techniques to achieve this. A young woman (Evey) … Continue reading V For Vendetta – Intro/ Summary

Lighting/ Costume in V For Vendetta

Use of Lighting • Chiaroscuro lighting casts Evey into intense light, emphasising that she is completely exposed, and vulnerable.• Chiaroscuro lighting casts Evey’s interrogator into darkness, emphasising his shadowy authority and, compared to Evey, mysterious strength. Emphasises his speech.• This visually shows the motifs of the film, with the forces of light struggling against the forces of darkness.• Chiaroscuro lighting casts V in the darkness, … Continue reading Lighting/ Costume in V For Vendetta

V For Vendetta – Revision

The comprehensive guide (with clips) is here. From today, remember: 1. Comment on: CostumeLightingCamera angleEditingScoreGestureTension/ climax 2. Develop each point FULLY.3. Indicate if a shot or scene has a connection to one later.4. QUOTES.5. At the end of EVERY paragraph you must link back to the question.6. Show the development of an idea or character. Here are the common misspellings: 1. Vendetta 2. Government3. Criminal4. … Continue reading V For Vendetta – Revision

Intermediate 2 – V for Vendetta Revision

You’ve got a lot of work to do. In your film essays you MUST do the following: 1) Finish every paragraph by answering the question directly.2) Explain which technique the director uses, and say why he uses it. What effect is he trying to create?3) Try to indicate where events or ideas come up again and again (motifs, symbols, symmetry, etc.).4) DO NOT JUST RETELL … Continue reading Intermediate 2 – V for Vendetta Revision

V For Vendetta – Characters – Revision

This sheet can be downloaded and printed out. PLease keep a copy handy in your folders so you can keep checking which character is which. I really don’t want to see people talking about the wrong characters in their essays… V for vendetta unit characters – picshttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/doc_player.swf?doc=vforvendettaunit-characters-pics-110114051025-phpapp01&stripped_title=v-for-vendetta-unit-characters-pics&userName=bluejorj View more documents from Mr Connor. Continue reading V For Vendetta – Characters – Revision

V For Vendetta – Key Scenes – Film – Int2

INTRODUCTION Mention the name of the film,the director and the year it was released.What is the film about?What are the main themes?What is your essay going to do? YOU MUST REFER TO THE FILMIC TECHNIQUES! //www.youtube.com/get_player How is the scene composed?What is interesting about the way this scene is presented?Why do you think it is presented this way?How do we feel about V when we … Continue reading V For Vendetta – Key Scenes – Film – Int2

V For Vendetta – Complete Notes

The opening1. The opening shows the preparation of Evey and V mirrored. Each is shown from the same camera angles doing the same things.2. When Prothero stresses “judgment” in his TV rant, it coincides with V adding the knives to his costume. The attempted rape3. V is introduced with Shakespearian monologue.4. Music swells to a climax through this monologue, creating tension that is punctured when … Continue reading V For Vendetta – Complete Notes

V For Vendetta – Media Codes and Analysis

Int2s. Please copy the first six slides into your jotters if you are off tomorrow. V for vendetta media language – character analysishttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=vforvendetta-medialanguage-characteranalysis-101206064559-phpapp02&stripped_title=v-for-vendetta-media-language-character-analysis&userName=bluejorj View more presentations from Mr Connor. Continue reading V For Vendetta – Media Codes and Analysis

Political Vocab.

AnarchyAn absence of government or control.AuthoritarianismGovernment by strict authority.DemocracyGovernment by the people.FascismGovernment by suspension of individual freedom.FundamentalismSticking VERY strictly to a set of rules.NationalismA strong desire to promote a single nation.PacificismSomeone who believes strongly in peace.PowerThe strength and authority of a government.TotalitarianismGovernment by a single party that demands obedience from the people.XenophobiaHatred of strangers or foreigners. Continue reading Political Vocab.