Supersize Me – The Trailer

·    First half is quite serious. ·    Starts with an over-the –shoulder mid-shot; at the drive-through; we hear the cashier ask if he wants his meal supersized. ·    Moves to a split-screen shot of the protagonist. We start to hear a voice-over. Dramatic music is introduced. The music reminds the viewer of “Jaws”. This suggests that something deadly and dangerous is going to be the … Continue reading Supersize Me – The Trailer

Supersize Me – Trailers

A Good Trailer • An appropriate music track. (Dramatic, creepy, comic, etc.) • Well lit. • Narration/ voice-over. • Show the subject of the drama. • Famous actors. • Build to a climax. • The protagonists/ antagonist. • Setting. • Cliff-hanger ending. • Short clips. • Quick-cutting. • Suspense. • Text. • Slogan. The “Supersize Me” Trailer • Cheery music (ironic?) • The protagonist/ antagonist … Continue reading Supersize Me – Trailers