“To A Mouse”

Notes from class: Socialism            Treating everyone the same way? “To A Mouse” is a socialist poem. The poem is based on an extended metaphor – the human character represents the rich, the mouse represents the poor. Burns makes it easy to sympathise with the mouse in the first stanza. He calls the mouse, “wee sleekit cow’rin’ timrous beastie”. This helps us to feel sympathy for … Continue reading “To A Mouse”

Robert Burns – To A Mouse – Notes

Notes from class. “To A Mouse”, perhaps Robert Burns’s most famous poem, was written in 1785. It looks at the impact of the destruction of a mouse’s nest on the life of the mouse, and uses it to explore how human beings should behave towards to one another. This essay will look at how Burns effectively gets his message across in the poem. In the … Continue reading Robert Burns – To A Mouse – Notes