Persuasive Writing Planning

Notes from class: An end to crime would be a catastrophe for the United Kingdom Basic Arguments A huge number of industries depend on the existence of crime Insurance Police/ Prisons Repairs Rehabilitation/ Counselling Ending crime would result in mass unemployment Who wants to see a film set in a world without crime? At least 6 statistics The current police force employs 600,000 people Prison … Continue reading Persuasive Writing Planning

Higher – Persuasive Essay Topics

We need ten new commandments. “Pupil Councils” are a sham. School sports teams should be abolished. Most real education occurs outside school. Most bullying in school is committed by teachers. Alcohol should be categorized as a Class A narcotic. Public transport should, like health-care, be free to everyone. Competitive reality TV shows are corroding our society. Religious belief is never a justification for legislation. Understandable … Continue reading Higher – Persuasive Essay Topics