Montmorency – CEL in Progress

Montmorency shows himself to be a dislikeable character when he steals from weak people. “Montmorency might have hopes of becoming a gentleman, but Scarper really wasn’t a very nice man.” Just after his first raid and he has robbed a beggar. This shows that he didn’t care who he hurt in order to get ahead. It is hard to feel sympathy for Montmorency when he … Continue reading Montmorency – CEL in Progress

Montmorency CEL

Today’s presentation: Montmorency CEL P We see Montmorency’s better side when he saves Fox-Selwyn’s life. E Updale writes that, “Montmorency instinctively grabbed the reins. The horse gave a gargling splutter and collapsed”. C This event happens while Montmorency is recovering from his near-drowning in the sewers. E By acting “instinctively” we can see that Motmorency acted without thinking – his first decision was to do the … Continue reading Montmorency CEL

Montmorency – Penny Dreadfuls and Newspapers

The fiend responsible for the shocking murder of an aristocratic lady in Knightsbridge has been tried and sentenced to hang. Frank “Freakshow” Holliday had eluded capture by the constabulary for several weeks following the brutal events of June this year. On the night in question, he intruded into Lady Geraldine Bevington’s residence with the sinister intent of burglarising the establishment. Upon discovering Mr Holliday, Lady … Continue reading Montmorency – Penny Dreadfuls and Newspapers

Montmorency – What is the purpose of prisons?

Victorian prisons were built specifically to punish criminals. Modern prisons are designed to rehabilitate. Most people agree that there must be a balance between these two ideas. When someone is sent to prison, we do expect them to be uncomfortable, and to be deprived of luxuries, but this will not make them a better citizen when they leave prison. For this reason, our prison must … Continue reading Montmorency – What is the purpose of prisons?

Montmorency – Vocabulary

Climax: The most dramatic part. The climax for Montmorency comes when he escapes the Benaravian embassy. Setting: The time or place where the story happens. Victorian London is the setting for the novel. Pathos: The sad bit. By using pathos, Updale makes the reader feel sorry for Freakshow. Bathos: When the explanation of sadness goes too far and becomes funny. Characterisation: The description of a … Continue reading Montmorency – Vocabulary

S4 – Montmorency – Creative Writing

Describe the setting. Eastside House was a two-storey tenement in the Deptford. Its windows were smashed, its bricks were cracked and crumbling. The planks of wood across its upper floor were rotting and mouldy. Across the roof, tiles slipped away but were never replaced. Its entrance, a dark, unwelcoming double door, was held up by two thick wooden beams. Inside, the seven rooms housed sixteen … Continue reading S4 – Montmorency – Creative Writing

Montmorency – Creative Writing

Note the difference between showing and teling.Montmorency was standing outside a posh hotel. Stood in a black suit and top hat, a tall man paused outside the building. People dressed in evening wear and ball-gowns passed in and out of the heavy, grand doors. Beside the doors, two pillars stood, towering over the man. From the doors, a plush red carpet cascaded down the steps. … Continue reading Montmorency – Creative Writing

Montmorency – What We Think

  Montmorency deserved a happy ending because… …he gave some of his swag back. …he stopped robbing. (He changed – proving he is a dynamic character.) …he was very clever. …he attended Freakshow’s trial – showing that he felt guilt. …he turned his back on the life of Scarper. …he became a spy for the government. …he was badly injured at the start of the … Continue reading Montmorency – What We Think