Johnny and the Dead – Diaries

It won’t be long now, I don’t think. I never thought I’d end up here, I suppose. Old, ill and surrounded by strangers. The last few years have been difficult for me. The pals died more than half a century ago, but even the people I knew after the war have slowly been passing on. And now, I’m the only one remaining. An old man … Continue reading Johnny and the Dead – Diaries

Johnny and the Dead – Scenes 9 & 10.

1)Why does Mad Jim play “Thriller” for “all the other dead people out there”? He plays “Thriller” because the song and video is closely connected to zombies.2)How can we tell that Solomon Einstein is not British? We know this because he speaks with a strong foreign accent, pronouncing his Ws like Vs. 3)On page 43, Antonio Vicenti explains why Johnny is so important to the … Continue reading Johnny and the Dead – Scenes 9 & 10.

S2 – Homework

1914 – 1918 15million people killed. Provoked by assassination of Arch-duke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary. Also known as “The Great War”. Trench warfare in France between Britain and Germany. Famous battles at the Somme, Verdun and Ypres. “Lions led by donkeys.” Vocab:Blighty – BritainHuns/ the Bosch/ Jerries – German soldiersTommies – British soldiersThe Kaiser – the ruler of GermanyNo-man’s land – land between trenches Continue reading S2 – Homework