S3 Homework Deadlines

30th August: Skateboarding 6th September: The Living Dead 13th September: The Real James Bond 20th September: The Nagging Parent 27th September: How Safe is the Food We Eat? 18th October: Five Shots that Killed John Lennon 25th October: The Other Olympics 1st November: Secrets of the Picts 8th November: £89 Million Boost Scotland 15th November: Cutting Spam out of your Mobile Diet 22nd November: Citizens … Continue reading S3 Homework Deadlines

Upcoming Higher Deadlines

Close Reading Sentence Structure Questions Due 31st October   Close Reading Writer’s Language Questions Due 7th November   Close Reading Tone Questions Due 14th November   Friday 4th November – in class – timed essay. Choose a novel or short story in which the writer’s use of setting in time and/or place has a significant part to play in your appreciation of the text as … Continue reading Upcoming Higher Deadlines

Holiday Homework

  S1 Teacher’s Pet Letter (due Mon 19th Oct) Complete Autobiography (due Mon 19th Oct) Begin solo-talk preparation (due Mon 26th Oct) S2 Research Project (due Mon 19th Oct) S3 Close Reading Past Paper (due Mon 19th Oct) Nat 5 Complete first draft of reflective essay Complete Scottish Text paper (both due Tues 20th Oct) Higher Neat copy of reflective essay Two close-reading SETS (four … Continue reading Holiday Homework

Higher Homework – Autumn 2014

Due Monday 1stSeptember Close Reading paper (Booklet 1) – “No Passes?” Due 8thSeptember Close Reading paper (Booklet 1) – “Being There: Edinburgh” Essay: 2005: Choose a novel in which an incident reveals a flaw in a central character. Explain how the incident reveals this flaw and go on to discuss the importance of the flaw in your understanding of the character. Due 15th September Close … Continue reading Higher Homework – Autumn 2014