Close Reading – The Comparison Question

Below is the link to the comparison questions we were looking at in class. Remember, try to structure your points: The first article… whereas the second article… For example, in the first article the writer says… In the second article, the writer says… close-reading-final-question-comparison-superheroes-rowling-fantastic-beasts Continue reading Close Reading – The Comparison Question

Upcoming Higher Deadlines

Close Reading Sentence Structure Questions Due 31st October   Close Reading Writer’s Language Questions Due 7th November   Close Reading Tone Questions Due 14th November   Friday 4th November – in class – timed essay. Choose a novel or short story in which the writer’s use of setting in time and/or place has a significant part to play in your appreciation of the text as … Continue reading Upcoming Higher Deadlines


Notes from today’s class…   Hyperbole Exaggeration in order to make a point. A Mars bar can save your life. Tricolon A series of three points, clauses or sentences. A Mars bar is sweet, chocolatey and full of vitamins! Climax The highest point of tension in a text/ paragraph/ sentence. Anaphora Repetition at the start of sentences or clauses. Mars bars are the tastiest! Mars … Continue reading Rhetoric

Recent news-stories for discursive essays

As suggested in class… After the plane crash, how can we tackle ISIS? What is the best way to tackle the Syrian Refugees crisis? After the stabbing in Aberdeen is it time for airport security in schools? After Pistorius’s early release, are celebrity criminals treated more leniently than common citizens? Should refugees ever be deported? Are we paying too much for our music? Is illegal-downloading … Continue reading Recent news-stories for discursive essays

Reflective Writing – Possible Topics

·      Arriving home hungover ·      Losing an item belonging to your grandmother ·      Breaking a family heirloom ·      Failing a key exam ·      Performing in public ·      Moving to a new place ·      Coping with envy as a child ·      A first heart-break ·      Breaking someone else’s heart ·      A loved one is hospitalised ·      Dealing with parental pressure Continue reading Reflective Writing – Possible Topics

Higher – Short Story

A journalist discovers a politician is having an affair, but is conflicted as he/she learns the affair is with his/ her wife. A doctor examines a patient and discovers a mouth behind their knee. A policeman interviewing a murderer discovers that he is talking to himself. A waitress serving a former boss takes revenge. A teacher discovers the speaking face of God in a text … Continue reading Higher – Short Story

Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Practice Plan

  Choose a novel in which an incident reveals a flaw in a central character. Explain how the incident reveals this flaw and go on to discuss the importance of the flaw in your understanding of the character. Intro: –        Focus on Tess –        Fault is acquiescence –        Developed through whole novel –        Key to her character Para 1: –        Acquiescence on the Chase –        … Continue reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Practice Plan

Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Social Context

Homework for the Highers – due 10th September.Write a minimum of 200 words on two of the following subjects. Make sure that across your group of three you cover all six subjects.You may bullet point your work or write in paragraphs.Try to find facts which are unexpected and likely to pique a reader’s interest. 1.   Religion and the influence of Darwin’s theory of evolution 2.   … Continue reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Social Context

Higher Spellings

 Spellings from today’s class… 1.                  Necessary 2.                  Embarrass 3.                  Benefited 4.                  Committed 5.                  Narrative 6.                  Emphasise 7.                  Literature 8.                  Definite 9.                  Privilege 10.      Intimidating 11.      Sentence 12.      Circumstances 13.      Relevant 14.      Occurring 15.      Disapproval 16.      Irrelevant 17.      Humorous 18.      Immediately 19.      Argument 20.      Possession 21.      Skilful 22.      Tragedy 23.      Emphasis 24.      Exciting 25.      Beginning Why is this funny? Because it’s humerus. Continue reading Higher Spellings

Higher – Poetry Essay 1 – Choices

Answers to questions on poetry should address relevantly the central concern(s)/theme(s) of the text(s) and be supported by reference to appropriate poetic techniques such as: imagery, verse form, structure, mood, tone, sound, rhythm, rhyme, characterisation, contrast, setting, symbolism, word choice . . . 1.  Choose a poem in which the poet blends narration and reflection. Show how the poet blends these two aspects in such … Continue reading Higher – Poetry Essay 1 – Choices

Higher essays/ deadlines. IMPORTANT.

There is some confusion over deadlines, most of which are now past. So, by January 9th, I want the following pieces finished. You have had several weeks to complete them so far. I will not accept excuses for non-submission of these essays on this date as you have already had ample time to finish them. 1.  Crucible essay 2: Choose from a play a scene … Continue reading Higher essays/ deadlines. IMPORTANT.

The Crucible – Essay Questions

Answer ONE of these two questions. Hand in on Thursday 17th November. 1. Choose a play set in a society whose values conflict with those of a central character or characters. Describe this difference in values and discuss how effectively the opposition of values enhances your appreciation of the play as a whole. 2. Choose a play which has a theme of revenge or betrayal … Continue reading The Crucible – Essay Questions

Higher English Close Reading Booklet

This is a working document – it won’t be finished until after the October break. The original is available from Glasgow City Council (Shawlands Academy, and others.) Nonetheless, it may be worth a read in its current form. Continue reading Higher English Close Reading Booklet