Fearless – P.E.E. Paragraphs

Fearless is characterised by Galloway as a deeply unpleasant character, both physically and psychologically. E. She describes his walk as, “the clink and drag, clink and drag, like Marley’s Ghost, coming up the street.” E. The repetition conveys a sense of inevitability – the sense of Fearless drawing closer to the listener. This creates an ominous tone, a feeling of something terrible about to occur. … Continue reading Fearless – P.E.E. Paragraphs

"Fearless" – Conclusions

  In a number of ways, the protagonist of “Fearless” is out of harmony with her surroundings. Her disagreement with her mother’s view of gender roles, and those of 1960s society, place the writer firmly outside her community. This is developed as she grows up and refuses to change her approach to male attitudes to women. The characterisation of the little girl as a rebel, … Continue reading "Fearless" – Conclusions

Fearless – Introductions

  “Fearless” is a short story written in 1991 by Janice Galloway. It centres on an episode of childhood rebellion as the protagonist chooses to lash out at a local drunk who terrifies her community. This essay will look at how the protagonist is out of harmony with her environment.   “What is a rebel? It is a man who says ‘no’.” – Albert Camus … Continue reading Fearless – Introductions

Fearless – Some Notes From Class

Paragraph 1 – Narrator refuses the rules regarding Fearless Paragraph 2 – Resents her mother’s acceptance of these rules Paragraph 3 – Her attitudes are out of time with her setting Paragraph 4 – Her continuing struggle with gender inequality   Quotation Explanation/Analysis Paragraph 1 “All I saw was a flash of white sock with my foot attached, swinging out and battering into his shin.” … Continue reading Fearless – Some Notes From Class