Higher/Int2 – Revision Notes

From today’s class: Practice plans Identify thrust Identify four possible topics/ chart progression Thrust = Shame Proctor’s shame about affair w Abigail His shame that he has wronged his wife Shame that his reputation is in pieces Shame that he is ruining his family’s name (future, children) Thrust = A life changing experience Change – encapsulated in moment of waking with son Change – poet’s … Continue reading Higher/Int2 – Revision Notes

Embedding Quotation – S4

From today’s class: We see how bad the sewers are when the writer says, “A pungent steam rose to the surface, swirling in clouds around the lantern.” The writer explains, “A pungent steam rose to the surface, swirling in clouds around the lantern.” We are told that, “A pungent steam rose to the surface, swirling in clouds around the lantern.” Continue reading Embedding Quotation – S4

TED Talk – The Adolescent Brain

Pre-frontal cortex Synapses We used to think that brain growth occurred in the first few years. Use of MRI to look at growth of the brain – a development in the last ten years. Research based on structural and functional growth. Brain continues to grow throughout life – does not just stop in a person’s twenties. Growth continues well into the thirties. Adolescence end with … Continue reading TED Talk – The Adolescent Brain

Recent essay errors/ corrections

Gets this point across: …conveys the point understandably …expresses the point clearly …makes the point clear …articulates the point well He then goes on… He elucidates… He expands on this by saying… He develops this idea… He clarifies this by saying… Anyone can relate to… A universally understandable idea Understandable to the reader A connection any audience can make with the text/ characters/ idea Always … Continue reading Recent essay errors/ corrections

Higher – Persuasive Essay Topics

We need ten new commandments. “Pupil Councils” are a sham. School sports teams should be abolished. Most real education occurs outside school. Most bullying in school is committed by teachers. Alcohol should be categorized as a Class A narcotic. Public transport should, like health-care, be free to everyone. Competitive reality TV shows are corroding our society. Religious belief is never a justification for legislation. Understandable … Continue reading Higher – Persuasive Essay Topics

Intermediate 2 Discursive Essay Topics

1.  Should wolves be re-introduced to certain parts of Scotland? 2.  Should humans treat farm animals more humanely? 3.  Working class fans are being alienated from football by its gentrification. 4.  “Alcopops, with their trendy packaging and fashionable image, are encouraging under-age drinking.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? 5.  Has abortion become too widespread? 6.  Should animal organs be used for … Continue reading Intermediate 2 Discursive Essay Topics

Essay Writing – Bog-Standard Intros and Conclusions

Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” (1891) is a novel which XXXXXX. Through the novel, the character of Tess XXXXXXX. Over the course of this short essay, I will XXXXXXX. Having looked at the various techniques used by Hardy, it is easy to see the way he XXXXXX. By showing his characters in the manner in which he does, it causes a reader to XXXXXXXX … Continue reading Essay Writing – Bog-Standard Intros and Conclusions

Standard Grade Writing DOs and DON’Ts

WRITING PAPER DON’Ts 1. Do not write any reports.2. Do not write a discursive or argumentative essay.3. Do not write an article.4. Avoid ALL questions that say “give your views”.   WRITING PAPER DOs   1. Write any question that asks you to write a short story. OR 2. Write any question that asks you to write about a personal experience. OR 3. Try any … Continue reading Standard Grade Writing DOs and DON’Ts

Writing – Avoiding Cliches

Avoiding Cliches in Writing Can you identify the trite, overused, and plain tired expressions in this paragraph? John Doe had been sleeping like the dead when his alarm clock screamed like a Banshee at him. It was 1:36 P.M., and John had planned to be up bright and early that morning. His eyelids were as heavy as lead as he wracked his brain for excuses. … Continue reading Writing – Avoiding Cliches

Essay-writing for Beginners

The following instructions are intended to give a broad first-level introduction to the mechanics of writing about texts. They will NOT instruct in how to produce a Higher grade A essay. Put simply, these are basic principles for people who lack confidence in their writing at Standard Grade and Int 1 or 2. Introduction A solid introduction sets the scene for your reader. It gives … Continue reading Essay-writing for Beginners

View from the Bridge – Essay Plan

Choose a play in which a central character behaves in an obsessive manner. Describe the nature of the character’s obsessive behaviour and discuss the influence this behaviour has on your understanding of the character in the play as a whole. IntroView from the Bridge – Arthur MillerPlay about family breakdown – Red Hook – New York – 50s – incest – forbidden desireRole of obsession … Continue reading View from the Bridge – Essay Plan

Essay Writing Terminology

Key Terms 1. Analyze – to break into parts and explain the parts2. Cause/Effect – the beginning/ the result3. Chronological – events put in the order they happened4. Clarify – to make clear5. Compare – show how two things are alike6. Contrast – show how two things are different7. Describe – to tell how something looks or how it happened8. Discuss – to tell about … Continue reading Essay Writing Terminology