Doctor Faustus – Summaries

  4.2 Faustus attends the court of the Duke and Duchess of Vanholt. He demonstrates his powers over time and space by bringing a dish of grapes for the pregnant duchess, even though it is winter. 5.1 Faustus has a feast at the end of his twenty-four years. He conjures Helen of Troy to please his guests. An Old Man prevents Faustus from killing himself … Continue reading Doctor Faustus – Summaries

Doctor Faustus – Scene Summaries

Act 2.2 Robin steals one of Faustus’s conjuring books and promises to make himself and Rafe rich. Act 2.3 Faustus prevaricates over whether he should repent or not. Mephistopheles distracts him by providing a pageant featuring the seven deadly sins. Act 3.1 Faustus and Mephistopheles arrive in Rome. The doctor is reluctant to stay but Mephistopheles persuades him and they spend their time ridiculing the … Continue reading Doctor Faustus – Scene Summaries

Doctor Faustus – The Prologue

Below is a precis of the Chorus’s monologue in Act1.1 This play is not about wars, it is not about kings; it does not deal with dramatic heroic acts. The play’s only purpose is to show the character of Faustus in an honest way, including the good and the bad. Faustus was born in Rhode,in Germany, to a poor family, but he managed to work … Continue reading Doctor Faustus – The Prologue

Doctor Faustus – Single-line lectures – Subjects

“Till swol’n with cunning of a self-conceit, His waxen wings did mount above his reach, And melting, heavens conspired his overthrow.” Chorus Prologue   “Unhappy spirits that fell with Lucifer, Conspired against our god with Lucifer, And are for ever damned with Lucifer.” Mephistopheles 1.3   “Oh, what will not I do to obtain his soul.” Mephistopheles 2.1 “Ay, and Faustus will turn to God … Continue reading Doctor Faustus – Single-line lectures – Subjects

Doctor Faustus – Vocabulary

Redemption              The freeing of humanity from sin. Sin                             A wicked act, especially one which breaks religious laws. Blasphemy                The act of speaking IRREVERENTLY of God. Sacrifice                    An offering to a God in exchange for something of greater value. Repentance                To show penitence; contrition for sins committed. Absolution                 Formal forgiveness of sins (often by a priest). Damnation                 Unending punishment in Hell. Heresy                       An opinion which goes against … Continue reading Doctor Faustus – Vocabulary


This came up twice today.  “Alan, it’s a Catch 23 situation.”“Alan, it’s Catch 22 situation.” “He’s gone and upset the apple-tart.”“He’s gone and upset the apple cart.” “Now is as good a time as many…” “Now is as good a time as any…” “The new Sky paper view.” “The new Sky pay per view.” “… like walking through a mindfield.” “…like walking through a minefield.”  “There’s … Continue reading Malapropisms