Short Story Planning

Niamh – teenager; skinny; long hair; always wears a hat; favourite music is Guns n Roses; enjoys school; hates most people at school; likes learning; has to hide her intelligence; one good friend (Sandy); spends weekends reading or walking in the hills; enjoys hunting; very independent; close to her parents; doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life after school; enjoys science and literature equally; … Continue reading Short Story Planning

Writing Gothic Setting

Two blackened, dead oaks stood towering over the cemetery, like sentries on guard. A chilled blanket of snow covered all but the dark stone headstones, breaking through the white with their broken remembrances. A small gateway of ancient, moss-covered stone lay ahead, and veiled mourners in their funeral clothing shuffled like sighs toward the grave. The wind hissed through them all, freezing the bones of … Continue reading Writing Gothic Setting

Asylum Seeker – Sample Paragraph

The truck arrived at the border. I sat in the back, waiting silently. I shook nervously in the cold, my heart accelerating. It thumped so hard I worried it might come out of my chest. Outside, I heard the muted discussions of my driver and the border official. Then there was silence. Nothing. No voices. Not even the hum of the engine. Silence. Suddenly, the … Continue reading Asylum Seeker – Sample Paragraph

Asylum Seeker – Creative Writing – Sample Introduction

They came for my parents at night. I was away, but word spread through the town quickly. They just vanished, disappeared from the face of the earth. Nobody could say where they were. When Sami told me they had been taken, I didn’t react at all. Rumours had been going around for a long time about my father. He was a teacher at the school … Continue reading Asylum Seeker – Creative Writing – Sample Introduction

Higher – Short Story

A journalist discovers a politician is having an affair, but is conflicted as he/she learns the affair is with his/ her wife. A doctor examines a patient and discovers a mouth behind their knee. A policeman interviewing a murderer discovers that he is talking to himself. A waitress serving a former boss takes revenge. A teacher discovers the speaking face of God in a text … Continue reading Higher – Short Story

Short Story Writing

I’m just posting this cartoon because it’s a good reminder that you can tell a good story without having to resort to anything too grand or, as you might say, epic. Secondly, you might notice that the cartoon is MORE effective because it doesn’t entirely resolve the story. It leaves you to fill in some blanks for yourself. And let’s not forget: it’s *really* sweet. Continue reading Short Story Writing

Creative Writing – The Antagonist’s View

The antagonist essay should follow the following guidelines: 1) Set your character in an appropriate location and describe them sitting down. What does the room look like, what can we see? 2) Next, describe the character in some detail. What do they look like, what are they wearing? 3) Now move on to what they are thinking about – think about thoughts and feelings regarding … Continue reading Creative Writing – The Antagonist’s View

Writing – Avoiding Cliches

Avoiding Cliches in Writing Can you identify the trite, overused, and plain tired expressions in this paragraph? John Doe had been sleeping like the dead when his alarm clock screamed like a Banshee at him. It was 1:36 P.M., and John had planned to be up bright and early that morning. His eyelids were as heavy as lead as he wracked his brain for excuses. … Continue reading Writing – Avoiding Cliches

S4 – Int 2 – Creative Writing

Here is the link to the mindmap we modelled in class. In addition to the mindmap, here is a sample section: My coffee mug was a reassuring thing: safe, dependable, an ally in times of difficulty. If I ever had a deadline to meet, it was the one thing that would consistently help me through it. I had written articles for the local newspaper, for … Continue reading S4 – Int 2 – Creative Writing

Higher Creative Writing

Keep stories SIMPLE and LOW-KEY; focus on HOW THE STORY IS TOLD. Look at three types of story: 1. The Match– persona ( ie putting yourself in the place of); first person narrative; a simple event or near-event). 2. Bill McLaren Was My PE Teacher – incident from childhood re-fashioned; different styles of writing (use of commentary); dialogue. 3. Geranium – story centred round a … Continue reading Higher Creative Writing