Term Four Writing Competition

Take a novel you have read or film you have seen. Write a short piece (400-1000 words) from the antagonist’s point of view. Remember to focus on your descriptions of character and setting, as well as including the character’s thoughts and feelings. Plot is not important for this piece of writing. The competition is open to all year groups and will close on Monday, May … Continue reading Term Four Writing Competition

Term Three Contest

Another term, another contest. This time I want you to look at short-story writing. I will be looking for: 1) Descriptive writing2) Good characterisation/ dialogue3) An interesting plot with a twist4) Believable settings, etc.5) Interesting vocabulary The story can be of any genre (though you may want to consider writing a crime story to be submitted for the “Time To Kill” competition – max 1,000 … Continue reading Term Three Contest