Fearless – P.E.E. Paragraphs

Fearless is characterised by Galloway as a deeply unpleasant character, both physically and psychologically. E. She describes his walk as, “the clink and drag, clink and drag, like Marley’s Ghost, coming up the street.” E. The repetition conveys a sense of inevitability – the sense of Fearless drawing closer to the listener. This creates an ominous tone, a feeling of something terrible about to occur. … Continue reading Fearless – P.E.E. Paragraphs

Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Sample Dice Revision Paragraphs

Heritage/ Alec Alec’s heritage is central to a key misunderstanding in the novel. D’Uurberville’s original family name was Stoke, and his father simply bought the name to give his family an aristocratic history. However, this was unknown to Tess or her father, so Tess effectively seeks a family connection with the wrong family. Her father, drunk, proclaims that his family has “skellingtons” in a tomb … Continue reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Sample Dice Revision Paragraphs

Quick Technical Terms Test

For each of the following, give the technical term. “Boom!” He has passed away. That is well minging. Caesar was the first to wear the purple. And where do you think you’re going? After what seemed an eternity, they arrived. A chicken crossing the road is truly poultry in motion Betty bought a bit of butter… Each blade of grass was a tiny bayonet pointed … Continue reading Quick Technical Terms Test

Montmorency – CEL in Progress

Montmorency shows himself to be a dislikeable character when he steals from weak people. “Montmorency might have hopes of becoming a gentleman, but Scarper really wasn’t a very nice man.” Just after his first raid and he has robbed a beggar. This shows that he didn’t care who he hurt in order to get ahead. It is hard to feel sympathy for Montmorency when he … Continue reading Montmorency – CEL in Progress

Higher – Critical Essay Marking

As per today’s class. These must be understood alongside the SQA criteria – they are not at all definitive, rather a way of focusing your attention when assessing an essay. Knowledge and Understanding 20-19 Refers to more than eight key scenes or moments 18-16 Refers to seven or eight scenes or key moments 15-13 Refers to five or six scenes or key moments 12-10 Refers … Continue reading Higher – Critical Essay Marking

The Crucible – Setting Essay

Choose a play in which the historical and/or geographical and/or social setting is important to your understanding of the play. Explain how the dramatist presents the setting and discuss why it is important to your understanding of the play as a whole.   Setting in both time and geography are key elements to the success for Arthur Miller’s 1953 drama, “The Crucible”. He grafts the … Continue reading The Crucible – Setting Essay

Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Setting Essay

Choose a novel or short story in which the choice of setting is central to your appreciation of the text. Briefly explain how the writer effectively creates setting and, with reference to appropriate techniques, discuss how the writer’s presentation of the setting is central to your appreciation of the text as a whole.   A major presence, almost an extra character, setting plays a crucial … Continue reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Setting Essay

Montmorency CEL

Today’s presentation: Montmorency CEL P We see Montmorency’s better side when he saves Fox-Selwyn’s life. E Updale writes that, “Montmorency instinctively grabbed the reins. The horse gave a gargling splutter and collapsed”. C This event happens while Montmorency is recovering from his near-drowning in the sewers. E By acting “instinctively” we can see that Motmorency acted without thinking – his first decision was to do the … Continue reading Montmorency CEL

National 5 Timed Essay Questions

Choose a novel or short story or non-fiction text which made a strong impact on you. By referring to appropriate techniques, show how this impact was created. or Choose a play where the playwright explores a theme or issue or concern which you feel is important. By referring to appropriate techniques, show how effectively the playwright establishes and explores the theme or issue or concern. … Continue reading National 5 Timed Essay Questions

N5 – Textual Analysis – The Eight Marker

From today’s class (presentation at the end): The theme of relationships is important in this poem. With close textual reference, show how this theme is explored in this poem and in at least one other poem you have read by Duffy. Commonality Duffy explores the idea of presenting relationships in a truthful and non-clichéd way in Valentine. She also explores… In XXXX she uses relationships … Continue reading N5 – Textual Analysis – The Eight Marker

Montmorency – Penny Dreadfuls and Newspapers

The fiend responsible for the shocking murder of an aristocratic lady in Knightsbridge has been tried and sentenced to hang. Frank “Freakshow” Holliday had eluded capture by the constabulary for several weeks following the brutal events of June this year. On the night in question, he intruded into Lady Geraldine Bevington’s residence with the sinister intent of burglarising the establishment. Upon discovering Mr Holliday, Lady … Continue reading Montmorency – Penny Dreadfuls and Newspapers

Montmorency – What is the purpose of prisons?

Victorian prisons were built specifically to punish criminals. Modern prisons are designed to rehabilitate. Most people agree that there must be a balance between these two ideas. When someone is sent to prison, we do expect them to be uncomfortable, and to be deprived of luxuries, but this will not make them a better citizen when they leave prison. For this reason, our prison must … Continue reading Montmorency – What is the purpose of prisons?

Tess of the d’Urbervilles

As preparation for the podcast task:   Tess Durbeyfield is a positive role model for girls What do we mean by “role model”? Someone successful in their chosen field? Someone who overcomes difficulties? Someone who attempts to make the world a better place? Someone who does not give in when life seems against them? Someone willing to take a stand against injustice? What make a … Continue reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles


Notes from class:   Do teenagers suffer prejudice from adults? Introduction Anecdote – Parents’ night – very busy – lots of adults – PR exercise – lots of praise – the role of teenagers – is this an example of terrible teenagers?  Paragraph 1 Most adults think teenagers are: anti-social. Stay in their rooms Don’t talk to adults much But: playing outside with friends – … Continue reading Prejudice