Noughts and Crosses (cont.)

Years later, Sephy returns home from ______________ and decides to meet up with Callum but later she is ______________ by him and the LM.

The LM’s second-in-command, Andrew Dorn, informs Kamal Hadley of where two of the LM members are while they are making phone calls. One is ______________, and the other is put in ______________.

During a time alone, Callum visits a hurt Sephy in the room where she is being held. Their love ______________ and they make love. Later, Sephy escapes into the ______________ after telling tells Callum that she had seen Dorn in her house with Kamal, which shows that Andrew is a government ______________.

Callum and the other LM members agree to split up for ______________ months.

Sephy discovers that she is ______________ with Callum’s child. Her parents pressure her to have an ______________ , but she repeatedly refuses.