The Crucible – Act Three

  1. Describe what the audience sees and hears when the scene begins.
  2. Why have Giles Corey and Francis Nurse come to intervene in the court proceedings?
  3. Why has John Proctor brought Mary Warren in the court?
  4. What is Parris’s opinion of John Proctor’s actions?
  5. How does Mary Warren explain her behaviour and that of Abigail and the other girls?
  6. What doe Proctor say is his reason for coming to the court?
  7. What evidence is there that John Proctor does not appear to be a good Christian?
  8. How does he react to the news that his wife is pregnant?
  9. Why, in spite of the fact that his wife is ‘temporarily’ saved, does jOhn Proctor persist in trying to give evidence?
  10. Why does Danforth say that all the people who signed the testament should come to court?
  11. What is Giles’ evidence the Mr Putnam is using the court for his own purposes?
  12. How does Danforth explain the importance of the victims’ testifying in a trial for witchcraft?
  13. What is Mary Warren’s explanation for having changed her mind now?
  14. How does Abigail’s story about the poppet in Proctor’s house differ from the version we heard earlier?
  15. What evidence does John Proctor give to contradict Abigail’s version of events?
  16. How does Mary’s explanation that earlier she had been pretending come to nothing?
  17. Why is Mary frightened by the behaviour of Abigail and the other girls?
  18. What does Proctor accuse Abigail of in order to silence her?
  19. Explain how Danforth uses Elizabeth to test the truth of John’s accusation against Abigail.
  20. What does Abigail do which wins Mary back to her at the end of the scene?