The Crucible – Act One (in progress)

The Crucible – Act One – Quotations


“…just now when some good respect is rising for me in the parish, you compromise my very character.” – Parris to Abigail

  • In Salem reputation is extremely important.
  • Establishes tension between father and daughter.


“Your name in the town – it is entirely white, is it not?” – Parris to Abigail

  • Parris is keen to know that his daughter is beyond suspicion.
  • Symbolism – Abigail must be pure/ innocent.


“My name is good in the village! I will not have it said my name is soiled! Elizabeth Proctor is a gossiping liar!” – Abigail

  • Abigail resents the accusation from her father (hence exclamation marks).
  • First sign of discord between Abigail and Elizabeth.