Tess of the d’Urbervilles – TIQEESQEEC

Notes from class:

T              The first event which contributes to the final turning point is when Tess’s father is approached by Parson Tringham.

I               Tess’s father is surprised when he is shown his d’Urberville heritage.

Q             The Parson says to him, while walking home, “Good night Sir John.”

E              It is interesting that Tringham uses the name “Sir”.

E              From this, we learn that in the past the Durbeyfields had been a wealthy family.

S              The idea is continued when Tringham remarks on John’s nose.

Q             Tringham says, “There’s the d’Urberville profile. A little abased.”

E              The use of the word “abased” is intended to show that the d’Urberville genes have been corrupted, but it also symbolises the complete decline of the family.

E              This idea connects with the fact that the family name has “abased” from the noble “d’Urberville” to the common “Durbeyfield”.

C             These examples both show how Jack’s discovery of his ancient heritage, and from this point forward everything changes.