Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Multi-Quoting

Notes from class:

Tess immediately shifts from “Artemis” and “Demeter” in Angel’s eyes, to an “unapprehending peasant”.

Tess is shown in the novel’s opening with a “red ribbon in her hair”, and this motif follows her to Trantridge (where she has “full red lips”), to Talbothays (“where her skin has “madder stains”), and finally to the lodging house at Sandbourne, where the Alec’s blood stains the ceiling like “a giant ace of hearts”.

To Angel, Tess is “Artemis”, whereas to Alec, commenting on her breasts, she is “my big beauty”. The contrast is clear – Angel’s love for Tess is intellectual; Alec’s is sexual. For all their declarations, neither love is true.