S3 Discussion Topics

  1. Should humans treat farm animals more humanely?
  2. Should athletes be allowed to take drugs to enhance their performance providing the drugs do no long-term damage to their bodies?
  3. How old is “too old” for parenthood?
  4. Footballers who abuse social media should be expelled from the profession.
  5. Has cosmetic surgery become too readily available?
  6. Is marriage an outdated institution?
  7. Is there still too much discrimination against women?
  8. Online bullying is a non-crime.
  9. Like it or not, sportsmen and women are role models and must accept that position.
  10. The E.U. referendum must be run again.
  11. Education in the U.K. is inadequate for the twenty-first century.
  12. Beauty magazines should be age-restricted.
  13. Does Britain need private schools?
  14. Why should we remember the Holocaust?
  15. Vlogging must be taken seriously as a career.
  16. Photoshopped images should be made illegal.
  17. Mental illness is not taken seriously enough by teenagers.
  18. Responsibility for a pupil’s behaviour always lies with the pupil.
  19. Honesty is always the best policy.
  20. The only moral way to eat is to be vegan.
  21. If we are serious about improving education, parents must be taught how to parent.
  22. Voting should be compulsory, under punishment of a fine, like in Australia.
  23. Poor behaviour in a class is the fault of the teacher.
  24. Silent reading should make up more than 50% of the school curriculum.
  25. Pupils should be allowed to choose ten, and not six, subjects for National 5 – even if this means a longer day in school.
  26. Women will always want to use make-up. Griping about its effect on your “mental health” is weak and pointless.