Merchant of Venice – Act Summaries

3.5 Jessica fears damnation for being Jewish; she is reassured that she is now Christian by marriage.

4.1 Shylock demands his bond from the court. Portia, disguised as a lawyer, awards it to him. However, she insists he must cut no blood from Antonio. Realsing this is impossible, Shylock tries to leave, but it is proven that he tried to kill Antonio: the court confiscates his property and he is forced to become a Christian.

4.2 Portia tricks Bassanio into giving away his wedding ring.

5.1 The Christians return to Belmont. Gratiano and Bassanio are scolded by their wives for giving their rings away. Portia and Nerissa promise to go to bed with the lawyer and his clerk if they ever visit Belmont. With daylight coming and the arguments resolved, they characters all go to bed.