Montmorency – CEL in Progress

  1. Montmorency shows himself to be a dislikeable character when he steals from weak people.
  2. “Montmorency might have hopes of becoming a gentleman, but Scarper really wasn’t a very nice man.”
  3. Just after his first raid and he has robbed a beggar.
  4. This shows that he didn’t care who he hurt in order to get ahead.
  1. It is hard to feel sympathy for Montmorency when he allows Freakshow to be hanged for his crimes.
  2. He was “relieved that the authorities had closed the book on his many thefts.”
  3. He feels this immediately after Freakshow has been sentenced.
  4. It is morally wrong that Montmorency got away with these crimes, and even worse that someone else died because of them.