Montmorency – Penny Dreadfuls and Newspapers

The fiend responsible for the shocking murder of an aristocratic lady in Knightsbridge has been tried and sentenced to hang. Frank “Freakshow” Holliday had eluded capture by the constabulary for several weeks following the brutal events of June this year. On the night in question, he intruded into Lady Geraldine Bevington’s residence with the sinister intent of burglarising the establishment. Upon discovering Mr Holliday, Lady Bevington expired in a chair to the alarm of the intruder. The unidextrous Mr Holliday then fled the scene and escaped capture until August of this year on account of the police searching for a bi-pedal individual. The Rt. Hon. Judge Septimius Hodgson declared the case to be “the worst I have seen in thirty years at the bar”. Mr Holliday’s execution will transpire on the eleventh day of this month at Highgate prison.