Notes from class:


Do teenagers suffer prejudice from adults?


Anecdote – Parents’ night – very busy – lots of adults – PR exercise – lots of praise – the role of teenagers – is this an example of terrible teenagers?

 Paragraph 1

Most adults think teenagers are: anti-social.

  • Stay in their rooms
  • Don’t talk to adults much

But: playing outside with friends – family event – Duke of Edinburgh – visit grandparents – school – get involved in community

Paragraph 2

Teenagers are often seen as dangerous

Reports on the news of violent incidents – one teacher was murdered in Sheffield by her pupil

But: What about the teenagers who calm situations down when they get angry at school – what about teenagers who have to protect siblings from domestic violence – what about teenagers who simply go about their business quietly. The number of violent or dangerous teenagers is less than 1% – most violent crimes in society are committed by adults

Paragraph 3

The culture of teenagers

Adults dislike it because it is different

But their culture was different to their parents’

There is nothing inferior about teenage tastes – they are simply different

This is simply a form of snobbery

Teenagers want to express themselves and to belong to a group – the same as all teenagers who came before them

To call teenagers’ music or TV “bad” is to miss the fact that all teenagers have done this through history