Short Story Planning

Niamh – teenager; skinny; long hair; always wears a hat; favourite music is Guns n Roses; enjoys school; hates most people at school; likes learning; has to hide her intelligence; one good friend (Sandy); spends weekends reading or walking in the hills; enjoys hunting; very independent; close to her parents; doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life after school; enjoys science and literature equally; likes languages but is no good at them; plays bass guitar

Cornelia – older teenager; house slave for a senator; frequently beaten; lives in Brundisium; parents are both dead; originally from Asia; wants her freedom but knows it will never happen; fears for coming war

Marcus – the senator’s son; cruel; mean-spirited; physically weak but uses his power over his slaves; training to be a politician; spoiled by his father; enjoys cruelty


Location 1 – The shed by the loch; used to store boats which are used in the summer; door is chained shut; no windows; wood is rotting and breaks away; inside it is dark and smells stale; spiders webs long abandoned; the whole space is lifeless; there are boats on both sides and a workbench at the back; under the bench is a tarpaulin; behind this is the door

Location 2 – Cornelia’s cubiculum; small space; straw mattress and blanket; no window; a handful of personal belongings hidden behind the mattress; dirt floor; the sound of horses outside; sounds of a villa at work; a door to the atrium; empty when Nieve arrives