S1 – Solo Talk – Me, Myself, I

Notes from class…

Section 1
About me – Where I come from, when I was born, etc.

I was born in a small town called Culcheth, just outside Manchester in the north-west of England, in 1976. When I was born, I was very underweight and had to spend two months in an oxygen tent because I had a serious lung condition. My grandmother had a stand-up argument with my doctor and insisted that she would not leave his surgery until I was taken into hospital care. She was a terrifying woman. It is because I was born in the north-west of England that I support Manchester City. My first word, so I am told, was “light”, but I think it is much more likely that my first word was “City”. I moved house a lot as a child, so by the time I was a teenager I had lived in eight different houses in England and Ireland. My family eventually settled in Northumberland, in the north-east of England, which is a place I absolutely love.

Section 2
My family – brothers, sisters, mum, dad, etc. – Tell us about their personalities. Include stories of things you have done together.

Section 3
Where I live – What do you like/ dislike about where you live? Again, give lots of detail, and provide examples of things you have done.

Section 4
My hobbies and interests… Lots of detail, but also explain why you enjoy doing these things.