J.F.K. Creative Writing (continued)

  • What happens immediately? Where is your character going to go?
  • What are your character’s concerns? What is worrying them? Who are they thinking about, and why?
  • What are their intentions – what are they going to do?
  • What does Dealey look like as they leave?


The Lincoln accelerated away and the plaza was suddenly teeming with life: people were running all over the place, some looking for the shooters, some just following out of curiosity, some running home, fearing for their lives. I knew I had to get to the air-strip. If I hung around much longer, I’d be dragged in with everyone else, and I didn’t need any attention from the Dallas police. It seemed that Ferrie and Ruby had not told me the whole story and now I knew I was in danger. All this time I was trying to warn the CIA about the assassination, and it looked like I was going to take the blame for it now. I had to get back home, get my revolver, then head to the meeting place. I took one last look at the chaos in the plaza, turned my collar up and headed up Houston.