J.F.K. Creative Writing (continued)

Part Two

Where is your character?

What can they see?

What are they hoping will happen today?

What thoughts are on their mind?

What has happened to them recently?

I was standing in the doorway of the bookstore. There was a heck of a crowd gathering. That didn’t surprise me none because, well, Kennedy had as many enemies as friends in Dallas, and ever’body came out to see him, I reckon. I looked across the plaza to see if Ruby or Ferrie would show but I didn’t see nobody. I think I thought they must’ve back out at the last minute – all talk and no action sort of thing. I guess that’s what I was hoping for – for nothing to happen. There had been so much talk of an assassination that I was just hoping that it would come to nothing. I’d told Agent Hosty the week before that something was going down, but he never got back to me. I’d only been working at the bookstore for three weeks and over the last few days a few strange things started happening. There were engineers passing through every day, and that morning I’d seen someone come in carrying a long parcel, ‘bout the size of your arm. I didn’t say anything but it seemed pretty obvious what was going on.