Denarius of Julius Caesar (postumous)

denarius-julius-caesar-bull-obverse-300x300Obverse: Wreathed head of Julius Caesar right, lituus behind, text to right DIVI IVLI

Reverse: Bull-calf walking left, Q VOCONIVS above, VITVLVS in exergue.

History: This postumous coin was struck by the moneyer Quintus Voconius Vitulus. This coin is dedicated to Julius Caesar who was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar was deified after a senate resolution in 42 BC and this is shown in the title to the right of his bust, DIVI IVLI. The lituus behind his bust shows that he was a member of the priestly augurs. The lituus was a crooked wand udenarius-julius-caesar-bull-reverse-300x300sed as a cult instrument in ancient Roman religion of augurs to mark out a ritual space in the sky.

The reverse of a standing calf is strictly personal, being a punning allusion to Vitulus, which literally means calf.

Minted: Rome mint, 40BC

Information from Dorchesters Reproduction Coins and Metals.