Notes from today’s class…



  • Exaggeration in order to make a point.

A Mars bar can save your life.


  • A series of three points, clauses or sentences.

A Mars bar is sweet, chocolatey and full of vitamins!


  • The highest point of tension in a text/ paragraph/ sentence.


  • Repetition at the start of sentences or clauses.

Mars bars are the tastiest! Mars bars are the cheapest! Mars bars are the best!


  • The use of sadness to manipulate the audience.

Imagine a world without Mars bars. So many children living in misery.


  • Use of several conjunctions in close succession.

I will eat Mars bars and I will reject all others and I will have more energy and I will win!

Emotive language

  • Language used to evoke certain emotions in the reader.

David hasn’t had a Mars bar in two days. He is desperately unhappy, crying out for the chocolate, without which he will surely die…