Fearless – Introductions


“Fearless” is a short story written in 1991 by Janice Galloway. It centres on an episode of childhood rebellion as the protagonist chooses to lash out at a local drunk who terrifies her community. This essay will look at how the protagonist is out of harmony with her environment.


“What is a rebel? It is a man who says ‘no’.” – Albert Camus


The notion of rebellion is central to Janice Galloway’s 1991 short story, “Fearless”. The story of a young girl breaking from her social boundaries to kick a misogynist drunk, relies heavily on the idea of a person rebelling – not obeying the rules. With close attention to characterisation, imagery and structure, this essay will explore the ways in which Galloway shows her protagonist to be a rebel, existing outside the harmony of her community.


We do not have to behave according to a gender role – we can be individuals.

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