Of Mice and Men – Task Ten

1) What are Carlson’s reasons for shooting Candy’s dog?

Candy’s dog is lame, near-blind and constantly suffering. He says that the dog is no longer useful, even though Candy has a clear love for the animal.

2) What are Candy’s reasons for not shooting the dog?

Candy protests that he has been with the dog for too long, that he could not bring himself to kill him, even though it would be for the best – to prevent it suffering.

 3) In what ways is Candy like his dog?

Both of these characters are at the end of their working lives; both are restricted by their health and infirmity.

 4) What does the fight between Lennie and Curley show about their characters?


It reveals Lennie’s devotion to George – he refuses to respond to Curley’s aggression until he has George’s permission, even though Curley is punching him.
Curley is confirmed to be insecure about his size and his wife. Instead of picking a fight with the other men who are not intimidated by him (Slim or Carlson), he goes after Lennie. The whole provocation for the fight comes from Curley constantly looking for his wife.

 5) Why doesn’t George help Lennie in the fight?

George knows that he would risk the pair of them being fired if he got involved. However, he knows that Lennie would win the fight if he allowed him to.

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