Echo and Narcissus – Questions

1.   Write down the simile used in stanza 2.
2.   Provide evidence from stanza 3 that Narcissus was handsome.
3.   Why was Narcissus “centuries too early” to be a monk?
4.   Which word in stanza 5 shows that Echo had fallen for Narcissus?
5.   Which verb in stanza 7 showed that Echo was disappointed.
6.   Explain the metaphor in stanza 8.
7.   In stanza 11, why can’t Narcissus kiss his beloved?
8.   What does the word “morphed” (stanza 12) mean?
9.   What does the phrase “Yours Truly” (stanza 13) mean?
10.                     What does “narcissistic” mean?

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