Albion – Questions

1. What do the “pine cones” and “sticks” symbolise?
2. What do the references to Churchill, Vera Lynn, flags and bunting reveal about the soldier’s attitude to war when he was young?
3. What do “sticking plasters” symbolise?
4. What kinds of “cracks” is the soldier referring to?
5. “Without blood or scars or a missing leg you’re swinging the lead” – what does the poet mean?
6. Why do people think the soldier is “soft in the head”?
7. What are “St. George” and “God” symbols for?
8. How is the soldier now “training the crosshairs on mum and dad”?
9. What is the metaphorical “beast” the soldier refers to?
10. What is the suggested meaning in “darkness stirs”?
11. What does “the night” represent for the soldier?

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