Reflective Writing – Sample

Below is the example we came up with in class today:

The class sat in silence, their jotters open in front of them, scribbling answers to the questions which had been quickly written on the whiteboard. Posters on all four walls were intended to give advice on “personal” issues. They were old and fading – much like the teacher. This was the form room. The sounds of a P.E. class, shouting encouragement could be heard in the distance. A soft breeze drifted through the open window. The clock ticked, almost unheard, marking the slow drag of time. Books on the shelves were gathering dust slowly. In the back row, one head turned quickly to the left, then a note was passed. At the front, marking tests, the teacher was unaware of any misbehaviour. A crinkling of paper being unfolded, then the pupil at the back stuffed the note into his pocket. But the sound of paper had been enough. The teacher looked up. His eyebrows were furrowed.

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