Tens – Famous Battles

The Battle of Actium       31BC                      Octavian defeats Mark Anthony to create Roman empire.

The Battle of Hastings    1066                       William defeats Harold as France’s steals English crown.

The Battle of Stalingrad 1942                       German forces fail to complete invasion of Russia.

The Battle of Waterloo  1815                       Wellington halts Napoleon’s expansion in Europe.

The Battle of Midway     1942                       Japanese Air Force fails to take control of the Pacific.

The Battle of Salamis      480BC                    Greek Navy repels invading Persian forces.

The Siege of Troy             1190BC                 Greeks overpower Trojan state.

The Battle of Agincourt 1415                       English army defeats the French.

The Battle of Naseby      1645                       English Civil War ended as Royalists are defeated by Cromwell’s forces.

The Battle of Trafalgar   1805                       Napoleon’s navy defeated by the English under Nelson.

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