Dracula – Leaflet Information

Features of the Vampire

  • The vampire does not die.
  • He thrives on the blood of living things.
  • He does not eat anything else.
  • He has no shadow.
  • He has no reflection in a mirror.
  • He is strong.
  • He can grow younger.
  • He can transform into a bat, a wolf or even a mist.
  • He can become very small.
  • He can see in the dark.
  • He will only come if he is invited.
  • He is not free.
  • He can get in and out of spaces, not matter how small.
  • He grows weak in the daylight.
  • He eats alone.
  • He only goes out at night.
  • He cannot go wherever he wants.
  • He doesn’t need to eat as often as we do.
  • He is not a part of nature but must still obey some natural laws.
  • He is afraid of garlic/ the cross.

How to KILL a vampire

  • A stake through the heart.
  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Holy water can kill them.
  • Starve them of blood.
  • Behead them and burn their corpse.
  • Expose their flesh to running water.
  • Rip out their heart.

Six Panels for a Leaflet

  • The first is the cover
  • How to identify a vampire
  • What to do if you see a vampire
  • How to kill a vampire
  • How to keep vampires from your house
  • How to scare a vampire away
  • How to prevent a vampire from biting you
  • Contact details for a vampire-slaying company
  • A map of famous vampire-infested locations
  • Famous vampires from history

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