The Merchant of Venice – Moments of Prejudice

1.    When the Jews are segregated in Venice to live in the ghetto.
2.    When Antonio spits on Shylock and calls him names.
3.    When Shylock forms a bond with the stipulation for Antonio’s flesh.
4.    When Shylock locks up his daughter.
5.    When the Christians divert Shylock so his daughter can rob him and flee.
6.    When Shylock celebrates the loss of Antonio’s ships.
7.    When the suitors are prejudiced by the metals of the caskets.
8.    When Shylock rejects the repayment of the bond and insists on the pound of flesh.
9.    When Shylock refuses a doctor to Antonio.
10.                       When Shylock pretends he wants “justice” or “the law”.
11.                       When the Christians use the letter of the law to punish Shylock.
12.                       When Shylock is forced to give up his faith.

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