Dracula – The play so far

This adaptation of the play was written by David Calcutt in 1999. It is based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel.

The play opens with Dracula on stage, explaining that he want a companion to end his loneliness.
We then see Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer, being sent to Transylvania to conclude a property deal with the Count.
During this scene we find out that Dracula will be taking a house in Whitby, where Jonathan’s fiancée, Mina, is going on holiday.
In Transylvania, Jonathan is attacked by a young girl who behaves like an animal towards him. He is saved by the Count.
Dracula delays concluding the deal, much to Jonathan’s disappointment.
Back in England, Mina’s friend Lucy reveals that she has had three proposals of marriage, but has accepted the offer from Arthur Holmwood.

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