All My Sons – Essay In Progress

Choose a play in which a central concern is clarified by the contrast between two characters.

Discuss how the dramatist’s presentation of the contrast between the two characters adds to your understanding of this central concern.

Para 1
          Chris and Joe
          Opposition of capitalism/ socialism?
          Joe believes making money by any means is acceptable
          Chris believes we have a duty to one another
          Chris is a more sympathetic character
          Joe might have killed his own son

Para 2
          Chris and Joe’s attitude to Kate
          Joe makes her complicit in his crimes
          Chris wants the truth
          Kate is a deluded figure
          Audience sees her as not in touch with reality

Para 3
         Chris and Joe’s attitudes to the cylinder heads incident
          Joe believes he was doing something noble
          Chris believes it is morally wrong
          Reveals the contrasting attitudes to society

Para 4
          Chris and Joe’s attitude to the truth at the end
          Joe takes the easy way out
          Chris believes he must live
          Joe’s “responsibility” is questionable
          Chris forces his mother to accept the changes

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