Poetry Vocabulary Task

Metaphor – image stating one thing is something which it is _______________.

Simile – _______________ stating one thing is LIKE or AS something which it is not.

Alliteration – repetition of the same _______________ sound.

End-rhyme – words at the _______________ of a line which end with the same syllable sound.

Internal rhyme – words within a line which end with the same _______________ sound.

Sight-rhyme – words which end with the same _______________, but do not sound alike (prove/ love).

Rhyme scheme – a pattern of rhyme between the lines of a _______________.

Meter – the _______________ structure of a verse.

Quatrain – a stanza of _______________ lines.

Irregular meter – meter which does not stick to a set pattern.

Caesura – a pause in the _______________ of a line.

Refrain – a word, phrase or line which is _______________ throughout a poem.

Enjambment – when one _______________ runs onto the next.

Stanza – a _______________ in a poem.

Elegy – poem or song written to _______________ someone who has died.

Villanelle – poem based on _______________ interwoven and repeating lines.

Imagery – words used to suggest _______________.

Onomatopoeia – _______________ effect words.

Synecdoche – part of something used to _______________ the whole thing.

Ambiguity – a word or phrase which can mean more than _______________thing.

Tone – the _______________of a piece of writing.

Symbol – an object or word used to represent a much larger _______________.

Hyperbole – exaggeration for effect – not intended to be taken _______________.

Litotes – _______________for rhetorical effect.

Emotive language – language intended to provoke _______________in a reader.

Anaphora – repetition of a word or phrase at the _______________of successive verses, clauses or paragraphs.

Pathos – Use of _______________ to appeal to an audience’s emotion.

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