Immigration Essay – Introductions

Is there too much immigration into the United Kingdom?

• Explain that immigration is an important and difficult issue
• Explain why it is difficult
• Explain what your essay is going to do

The issue of immigration is a controversial one in the United Kingdom. Some feel that we have too much and it should be controlled, others feel we need more. It is a difficult issue because it is so hard to find accurate information. There are as many attitudes to the issue as there are people in the country. This essay will attempt to find some clarity around this very confusing and controversial subject.

A common argument against immigration is that it has a negative impact on employment in the country. For example, it is often said that immigrants take jobs which should be given to U.K. nationals. A key issue is the difference between public opinion and the facts. For example, according to the Guardian, on average, British people believed 24% of immigrants were out of work; the truth is that on 7% is.

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