All My Sons – Act Three

·    The act takes place in the early hours of the following morning.
·    Mother is highly anxious about Chris’s disappearance.
·    She talks to Jim, and he suggest that compromising our principles is a necessary part of life.
·    He then reveals that he knows Joe’s secret.
·    Mother tries to persuade Joe to tell the truth to Chris.
·    When Ann enters, she says she can forgive the family, but only if Mother accepts that Larry is dead.
·    When she refuses, Ann produces a suicide note from Larry.
·    Chris returns and says he cannot be with Ann – she will be a reminder of his family’s compromise.
·    After an argument with Chris, Joe is shown the letter and he storms back into the house.
·    Joe has realised that he motivated his son’s suicide, but also betrayed his principles regarding community and nation.
·    Following Joe’s suicide, Kate urges Chris to live without guilt.

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