Doctor Faustus – Scene Summaries

Act 2.2

Robin steals one of Faustus’s conjuring books and promises to make himself and Rafe rich.

Act 2.3
Faustus prevaricates over whether he should repent or not. Mephistopheles distracts him by providing a pageant featuring the seven deadly sins.

Act 3.1

Faustus and Mephistopheles arrive in Rome. The doctor is reluctant to stay but Mephistopheles persuades him and they spend their time ridiculing the Pope and his friars.

Act 3.2
Rafe and Robin steal a cup from the Vintner; they conjure Mephistopheles, who is so annoyed at their impudence that he turns them into a dog and an ape.

Act 4.1

Faustus conjures Alexander the great and his paramour for Emperor Charles V. After being insulted by a knight, Faustus puts horns on him. On leaving the city, Faustus and Mephistopheles meet a horse-courser and trick him into buying a horse made of hay.

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