Higher – Short Story

  • A journalist discovers a politician is having an affair, but is conflicted as he/she learns the affair is with his/ her wife.
  • A doctor examines a patient and discovers a mouth behind their knee.
  • A policeman interviewing a murderer discovers that he is talking to himself.
  • A waitress serving a former boss takes revenge.
  • A teacher discovers the speaking face of God in a text book.
  • A struggling pupil realises that eating exactly eighty-six Haribos gives him a photographic memory.
  • A single mother receives an anonymous donation of £500,000.
  • A passenger on the subway notices that every other passenger is doing EXACTLY the same thing.
  • A Premier League footballer develops a line of communication with the Greek Gods.
  • A man’s dog speaks to him. But only him.
  • A pet shop owner finds they can hear the thoughts of animals.
  • A cancer patient loses the ability to lie.
  • A popular pupil at school finds that EVERYONE loves them.
  • A mortician loses the power of euphemism.
  • Two old men on a park bench. One of them was an astronaut.
  • A politician is paralysed by his ability to empathise with everyone.
  • A gun-seller discovers a way to solve the Israel/ Palestine conflict.
  • Cows develop human sentience.
  • A Nigerian email scammer enters correspondence with an English teacher.
  • The Devil presents himself at a police station.
  • A paramedic in an ambulance with a man who has only fifteen minutes to live. They are twenty minutes from the hospital.
  • A suicide bomber at breakfast with his/her family.
  • Write a will for someone who has made mistakes in their life and wants to fix them.
  • You find your psychic great-great grandmother’s diary.
  • Silence (as a character) thinks of how much it is ignored and undervalued.
  • Music (as a character) complains that Justin Bieber is ruining its name.
  • A woman completing an online dating form reflects on the power of the truth, and of lies.
  • A man stops ageing.
  • Stuck in traffic, a man hears a radio story that his wife has been killed.
  • The White House chef is having a bad day.
  • A drowning surfer reflects on the power of the sea.
  • A fraudulent psychic develops the ability to communicate with his dead mother.
  • A stand-up comedian literally dies on stage.
  • A soldier refuses to follow an order to shoot a civilian.
  • A university student bumps into William Shakespeare in the library.
  • An embittered husband (journalist) has to write an obituary for his successful novelist wife.
  • A husband sees something unpleasant in his wife’s emails.

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