Higher Homework – Autumn 2014

Due Monday 1stSeptember

Close Reading paper (Booklet 1) – “No Passes?”

Due 8thSeptember

Close Reading paper (Booklet 1) – “Being There: Edinburgh”

2005: Choose a novel in which an incident reveals a flaw in a central character.
Explain how the incident reveals this flaw and go on to discuss the importance of the flaw in your understanding of the character.

Due 15th September

Close Reading paper (Booklet 2) – “In praise of wind turbines”/ “Bravo for nimbyism”

First draft: Folio: Creative essay

Due 22ndSeptember

Close Reading paper (Booklet 2) – “We need to see the light on time change”/ “Daylight saving time”


2006: Choose a novel in which a key incident involves rejection or disappointment or loss.
Describe briefly the key incident and assess its significance to the text as a whole.

Due 29thSeptember

Close Reading paper (Booklet 2) – “Handwriting”/ “How Twitter made handwriting cool”
Neat copy: Folio: Creative essay

Due 6thOctober

Close Reading paper (Booklet 2) – “The tyranny of unwelcome noise”/ “…put a sock in it”

Due October 27th (holiday homework, due on first day back)

Close Reading paper (Booklet 2) – “August 2011 London Riots”/ “Stop scapegoating our parents…”

Other, to be confirmed.

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