Montmorency – What We Think


Montmorency deserved a happy ending because…

…he gave some of his swag back.
…he stopped robbing. (He changed – proving he is a dynamic character.)

…he was very clever.
…he attended Freakshow’s trial – showing that he felt guilt.
…he turned his back on the life of Scarper.
…he became a spy for the government.
…he was badly injured at the start of the novel.
…he’s a sympathetic character.
…he prevented a war in Mauramania.

Montmorency did not deserve a happy ending because…

…he watched Freakshow hang.
…he lied to people who trusted him.

…he considered murdering Lyons.
…he was a criminal.
…he stole, even from people who trusted him.
…he didn’t really change – he kept his waders.
…he used Cissie.
…he allowed innocent people to take the blame for his crimes.

Montmorency is an ANTI-HERO he is the central character but he does some fairly horrible things. He is a DYNAMIC character who changes between the beginning and end of the book. Ultimately, he is a product of his circumstances. He turned to crime in order to improve his life.

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