Significant themes in the poetry of Sylvia Plath

From today’s class.

Death (WH, PIJ, AOTB, D, M, A, LL, WT, E)
The suicidal impulse (WH, PIJ, D, A, LL, E)
Loss (WH, Mirror, D, M, LL)
Gender relationships (P, D, M, WT)
The natural world (SITMD, CICC, WH, P, A, WT)
Womanhood (MS, M, P, PIJ, M, A, WT, E)
Ageing (WH, Mirror, A, W)
Endurance (WH, PIJ, D, M, A, LL, E)
Maternal/ paternal relationships (MS, D, M, LL, E)
Fear (CICC, WH, Mirror, PIJ, D, M, LL, WT, W)
Poetry (post-modern idea) (AOTB, W, E)
Time (SITMD, Mirror)

Choose one theme and write a 600 word analysis of Plath’s treatment of it in at least three poems.

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