Close Reading Question Formulae


Context Questions

AAAA” means DENOTATION. We can understand this from the word/s “BBBB” which carries suggestions of “CCCC”.
Writer’s Attitude Questions
I believe the writer’s attitude is AAAA. This is shown when s/he says BBBB. This word has a CCCCconnotation/ tone.
Imagery Questions
The writer uses AAAAAto create the image “BBBBB”. This is effective because “…CCCC…” means DENOTATION but has connotations of EEEEEE.
Word Choice Questions
The writer uses word choice to show AAAAA when he/ she uses the word BBBBB. This means CCCCCbut in this context has strong connotations of DDDDD.
Sentence Structure Questions
When the writer says, “AAAA”, they make use of BBBB. This allows them to convey an idea of CCCC.  The structure is effective by DDDD.

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